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Contact person: Keith Schultz
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Please, make your donation  for JRMD projects, linked  on  Global Giving  Foundation website.  Global Giving Foundation  is a registered 501(c)3 entity, and are fully tax-deductible in the United States



JRMD-YRWD is a non-profit organization seeking to promote Reconciliation and Peace through rebuilding the hope and homes of the traumatized hearts, caused by ethnic wars, injustice, and divisions.

The JRMD/YRWD focuses on the material and moral reconstruction of the World in Destruction. Its objectives are the:
  • National reconciliation and the education of peace
  • Promotion of techniques for settling conflicts peacefully, namely mediation, conciliation and arbitration according to the culture of the country
  • Creation of a culture of Compassion in Action
  • Rebuilding of homes for the needy people and the victims of war
  • Caring for orphans and widows

Please, make your  donation NOW  through the following link/website, to help Iwacu Kazoza School and the Orphanage in Burundi, Africa:
The Global Giving "Give for Youth Challenge" is a project of Microsoft. All donations made to the JRMD project during the month of July, 2013 will go through the Global Giving Foundation.  It is a registered 501(c)3 entity, and donations are fully tax-deductible in the United States.  Your donation will be wired directly to the JRMD bank account in Burundi.
You can, also, tell Friends and Families to help spread the word about Providing Education to 450 Youths/Children in Ruhagarika on Facebook and Twitter. The following link/website provides more details about the above opportunities:
There will be multiple bonus grants to organizations participating in the "Give for Youth Challenge" who mobilize the largest number of donors, and/or raise the most funds during the Challenge.
I take this opportunity to ask JRMD monthly donors or first-time donors to make their donation for July, 2013 through the following link/website:
Please also note that there will be at least one "Bonus" day during the Challenge that matching funds will be available to match donations on that particular day (as long as funds last!)
"Please, make your  donation  NOW through the following link/website:"
Thank you so much for helping JRMD provide education to 450 youths/children in Ruhagarika, Burundi, Africa.
Prosper Ndabishuriye
General Coordinator and Founder more