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About Us

JRMD (Jeunesse en Reconstruction du Monde en Destruction) / YRWD (Youth in Reconstruction of a World in Destruction) is a Non Governmental Organization, founded in 1994, that promotes Reconciliation and Peace through the rebuilding of hope and homes for the victims of the war and needy families. 

The JRMD/YRWD aims at the material and moral reconstruction of the World in Destruction, thereupon, therefore its objectives are as follows: 

  • National reconciliation and education on peace
  • Promoting peaceful practices of settling conflicts, namely mediation, conciliation and arbitration according to the culture of the country 
  • Promoting values of peace and tolerance, etc.
  • Promoting human rights
  • Setting up development projects 
  • The culture of Christ’s Love in Action 
  • Rebuilding homes for the needy and for the victims of war 
  • Rehabilitation and education of underprivileged Children

Within the context of these objectives, JRMD/YRWD organizes workshops, conferences of an international nature, studies and trainings. Since its inception in September 1994, JRMD/YRWD has rebuilt 3,371 houses in Burundi. This simple act has contributed to peace and reconciliation within the Burundian community.

We are based in Burundi, which is bordered by Rwanda, the Congo and Tanzania. The area is known as the Great Lakes Region. Burundi is home to 12,274,319 Hutu, Tutsi and Twa (Pygmies), who speak one language, Kirundi.

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All online donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Heart of Africa ( which is a tax exempt, 501©(3) organization. With this sponsor 100% of your donation will go to the school.

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All donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, GlobalGiving which is a tax exempt, 501©(3) organization.

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If you prefer, tax deductible donations may be made by check payable to:
St Mark’s Episcopal Church/JRMD
c/o Mike Seymour
PO Box 761
Port Royal, SC 29935-0761
All proceeds will go to benefit the school.

Prosper Ndabishuriye
General Coordinator and Founder
B.P. 2366


(257)75 920 609
Telephone in USA:

c/o Kathy Hazen
7019 47th Ave SW
Unit 5
Seattle, WA 98136

USA Contact person:
Kathy Hazen
(206) 852-0098