Iwacu Kazoza School Changing Lives Of 
Underprivileged Children In Burundi


In a remote part of the little-known country of Burundi a school by the name of Iwacu Kazoza is changing the lives of some 500 students each year who would either have no education or have to walk hours to the nearest school. Chief of Ruhagarika Village where the school is located, Mr. Leonard Nijimbere, whose three children attend the school, has said that without Iwacu Kazoza School his children would not be able to get an education. 

The school was founded in 2012 to provide state approved education to underserved children, many of whom are orphans. It is counted among the best schools in the province and the country based on the exceptional scores of 126 students who have graduated.

The school is located in the Ruhagarika village, in Cibitoke province, 32 miles north of Bujumbura, the Capital City. In addition to serving students, the school provides much needed employment in an area with few paying jobs. Thirty-two (32) people now have work which includes primary and secondary teachers, administrative staff and maintenance personnel. 

The school budget is as follows:

Primary and Secondary   Teachers               $53,460

Teachers Books & school supplies                 $3,600

Desks, Chairs, equipment                                $6,000

                                         TOTAL                           $63,060

Student family contribution                          ($16,620)

NET NEED USA  Donors                                 $46,440

We are most grateful for any donations and are in special need of continuing monthly donors to assure a sustaining base of funds. 

With gratitude and Respect,

Prosper Ndabishuriye, General Coordinator 

Mike Seymour, United States Development 

Board for JRMD: 

Prosper Ndabishuriye : General Coordinator and Founder of JRMD

Rev. Ferdinand Haberimana: Professor at Hope University for Africa

Mrs. Susan Sirama:  Financial Resources Coordinator

Rev. Kulu Ngulu Kinyonyo:  Pastor and Former National Coordinator of Campus Crusade for Christ  International

Damas Kabura: He is in charge of home building project at JRMD

Elizabeth Zimarimpaka Waruguru: Assistant Administrator 

Eddy Koricaiza: Attorney

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All online donations are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Heart of Africa (www.heartofafrica.org) which is a tax exempt, 501©(3) organization. With this sponsor 100% of your donation will go to the school.


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If you prefer, tax deductible donations may be made by check payable to:
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